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We often hear from our clients that we provide a much more involved level of service and integration with their company compared to what they’ve received from other brokers. Attending meetings, reviewing/negotiating contracts, and high-level executive consultation to name a few. This is intentional on our behalf and a large part of what makes Renewable Guard indispensable to our clients.

Then there are our results. There is often a misconception that all brokers are provided the same terms from the same insurance carriers. This could not be further from the truth. Here at Renewable Guard, we invest heavily in the relationships with our underwriters because we know they are the decision makers on the terms that are provided to a broker. Our approach is to consistently provide underwriters with clean submissions that are paired with honest and transparent feedback, positioning a submission from Renewable Guard as one of the most valued submissions in the industry.

How we’re different


Consistency & Partnership

If you’re looking for a quick-fix triage to your insurance, that’s not us. If you’re looking for a long-term strategic partnership that will consistently go to bat for you to help you build your business, you can rely on us.



With elite, high-caliber, and high-touch customer relations we provide our clients with a concierge experience that they won’t find from big box firms.


Honesty & Transparency

There are a lot of opportunities in this industry to present inaccurate or unsustainable figures in order to win contracts, only to increase rates down the road. We’re not in the business of bait-and-switch insurance coverage. We are committed to honesty and transparency forming the basis of our relationships with both clients and underwriting partners.



With our holistic approach, you get a full service team that will work collaboratively to ensure that you not only have the proper coverage at the best rate, but our project finance team will work with your lender to ensure each project is closed on time every time.