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Here at RenewableGuard, our primary role is to help renewable energy companies grow their bottom line by protecting their business and managing risk using comprehensive cost-effective isnurance programs. We are unique in that we serve as the endorsed program broker for several insurance packages designed specifically for developers and contracters like you. The carriers we utilize insure companies like SolarCity, First Solar, Gamesa and many other top of class companies. The coverage addressed included general liability, property, and work comp during all phases of construction and continued operation of your facilities.

While we don’t know your level of satisfaction with your incumbent broker, pricing, coverage, or service, we encourage you to reach out and schedule a call between our team and your internal risk manager so that we may learn more about your operation and see if we can help. Those companies that were a fit for our program often saved 20%-30% on insurance premiums.

We are very experienced in renewable energy risk management and would like the opportunity to help you and your company if there is interest.

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155 Montgomery St.

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